NYCDOE School Programs

Jam Factory (NYCDOE Vendor #JAM177042) offers a wide range of music enrichment to public, charter, and private schools! Our age-appropriate programs can be adapted to fit almost any facility’s needs and available resources. Inquire about other program formats including: chorus, instrument ensembles, audio engineering/sound design, and more.

If your NYCDOE facility is seeking a daytime residency, after-school program, or assembly/showcase, call (347) 536-9652 or email for more information. Our NYCDOE Vendor Number is #JAM177042.

Junior Jam

Junior Jam™ (ages 3 – 6) emphasizes the most important part of early-childhood music education: Instilling a lifelong appreciation for music at an early age! Our youngest musicians make relatable connections while singing, dancing, and playing instruments.

Students will have a blast playing original Jam Factory activities and games, specifically designed to target fine/gross motor skills and social-emotional peer interactions. Students will receive a kick-start on critical thinking, problem solving, basic improvisation, and more! Lessons are balanced with strategic repetition and variation to ensure students are engaged and challenged.


RhythmWorks™ (ages 6 – 17) is an innovative percussion super-course, designed to help students critically analyze, connect with, and ultimately demonstrate the crucial role that rhythm plays in our everyday lives. Students will explore the roots of exciting rhythms from all over the world, increasing global awareness and cultural sensitivity.

We motivate students to engage hands-on using original Jam Factory games/teambuilding activities, proper percussion techniques, and linked associations to the core subjects they study every day. RhythmWorks™ residencies culminate in a live performance at the end of every contract term!  


BandStand™ (ages 8 – 17) guides musicians with prior instrument/vocal experience to rock out together! Playing cohesively in a band is a specialized skill-set drawing elements from: applied teamwork, critical listening, on-the-fly problem solving, and so much more! Our mission is to connect aspiring musicians of similar ages/skill levels in a low-pressure group rehearsal setting.

In typical BandStand™ sessions, students can expect weekly musical goals, useful warm-ups, improvisational concepts, to learn real songs, basic composition, and document it all in real recording sessions. All students’ hard work will be demonstrated live in an end-of-term recital!