Junior Jam (Ages 1 – 5)

Junior Jam™ is Jam Factory’s innovative early childhood course! With four masterfully designed levels catering to the specific mental/social needs of sprouting musicians, Junior Jam kickstarts your child’s musical journey with fun immersive original sing-alongs, games, and activities!

Junior Jam is guaranteed to spark your child’s creative curiosity while providing valuable family bonding time.

Jam Factory understands that children’s minds develop incredibly quickly and require age-specific education goals. We offer four different levels to maximize absorbed content and social interaction:

  • Ages 1 – 2 (with parents)
  • Ages 2 – 3 (with parents)
  • Ages 3 – 4 (with parents)
  • Ages 4 – 5

Here are just a few of the concepts Junior Jam™ covers:

  • Music appreciation and discovery, including musical science experiments
  • Sonic and visual art comparisons/contrasts
  • Developing motor skills through instruments, props, dancing, and acting
  • Positive social interaction with peers and adults
  • Teamwork and Cooperation
  • Emotional Intelligence (“E.Q.”) and empathy
  • Feeling/interpreting musical pulse and rhythmic concepts
  • Pitch directionality and melodic concepts
  • Basic Composition
  • …and many more!