BandStand Group Lessons

Music is communication.

In addition to being outrageously fun, music lessons yield numerous cognitive and social-emotional benefits. After all, it’s a standalone language with strong ties to math, science, history, and more. It makes sense to accelerate a student’s creative momentum by expanding from a 1-on-1 setting into full band rehearsal, introducing strong elements of teamwork and group communication.

Enter BandStand: Jam Factory LLC’s band & ensemble unit.

Guided by a Jam Factory Band Coach, BandStand members are matched by age and relative skill levels. Songs and themes cement concepts being learned in 1-on-1 lessons, yielding impressive progress and far more value for your educational investment. BandStand ensembles are tasked with analyzing, learning, and performing an eclectic combination of genres, including: rock, reggae, metal, jazz, hip-hop, and much more! In addition, bandmates will learn to listen to others, and make informed musical decisions in a jam session.

The goals are bigger & the lights are brighter.

Rehearsals are scheduled weekly at JFLLC-partnered NYC practice facilities, where students will learn how to safely operate pro music gear, blend instruments at higher volumes (earplugs required!), and bridge the gap between studio & stage. In addition, bandmates will learn how to improvise in a group setting, leading to spontaneous creation and surprising results.

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