adamcrouchguitarcropped“I wholeheartedly believe that music and the arts are deep-rooted in communication. Our desire for expression crosses borders, generations and species. Whichever language one teaches in, creativity has a dialect of its own!”                                                  — Adam Bauch

Meet Adam Bauch, founder and CEO of Jam Factory, as well as long-time multi-instrumentalist educator and performer. Growing up in Queens, New York, Adam was immersed in different cultures, languages, and viewpoints. This international mindset planted the seeds for what would become Jam Factory early in life.

With over 14 years of domestic and international experience in the music education field, Adam has been performing since the age of 9. He teaches drum set, various percussion styles, electric bass (fretted, fretless, extended range), and electric/acoustic guitar. He also offers Band Coaching, and early childhood general music courses.

IMG_0742.JPGIn November of 2016, Adam traveled to Chongqing, China on a mission. As co-founder, lead developer, and talent recruiter for Musicool Music & Art, an innovative all-ages East-meets-West creativity center, he was an integral part of the operations of the school. Adam spent over 1 and a half years working closely with Chinese investors, and implementing comprehensive curriculums for multiple programs (including early childhood classes and kindergarten outreach). Due to this extensive international experience, Adam is able to teach music in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

Upon returning to his hometown of New York City, Adam new’s mission took centerstage:

Launching the ultimate creative community, where students and instructors mutually benefit and inspire others. The mission is to “stir the melting pot”, invigorating New York City’s amazing population back to eclectic hive of creativity that it once was! Jam Factory aims to guide students not only towards meaningful expression, but also an intrinsic understanding of communication and teamwork.

Jam Factory’s goal is to connect motivated students with dedicated instructors, allowing professionals to bestow their expertise while earning a living from their passion. Students build the self-confidence and cooperation skills crucial for success in life, while trusting the Jam Factory support system to provide exciting performance and collaboration opportunities.

Adam Bauch is devoted to benefitting the Creative Community™ as a whole. Today’s students are the absolute future. Join Adam and the rest of the Jam Factory team today!

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