About Jam Factory LLC

Jam Factory LLC provides the premier outlet for motivated musicians to creatively engage and perform throughout NYC, as well as a tight-knit community aimed to benefit professional educators.

For Students:

  • Our methods are innovative, exciting, and flexible enough to accommodate all learning styles, including special-needs (ages 5+).
  • We provide flexible and trustworthy musical education, taught by 100% vetted and NYPD background-checked instructors.
  • Performance is the goal! Members are encouraged to perform in our electrifying concerts, surrounded by  their supportive community.
  • Members gain unlimited access to live events, including instrumental/vocal clinics, concerts/showcases, and jam sessions/open mics!

Lessons & Programs | Media Gallery | Testimonials

For Instructors:

  • Maximum flexibility: Customize your teaching schedule and distance range!
  • Unbeatable rates: Superior percentages to competing lesson services, PLUS tons of contract perks!
  • Network and connect: Collaborate with other NYC creative professionals!
  • Hit the stage: Step into the limelight alongside students and instructors at JFLLC concerts and events!
  • Already have an existing student base? Offer them exclusive access to our one-of-a-kind resources by becoming Jam-Certified!

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For the Community:

  • Jam Factory aims to inspire and motivate citizens of all ages, providing groundbreaking community outreach and events. Keep an eye on our calendar for dates!
  • Live outreach events encourage all citizens to go out, participate, and get engaged with exciting creative opportunities throughout NYC.

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studiowebsterhallcroppedMeet Jam Factory LLC founder and director Adam Bauch, Queens native and multi-instrumentalist educator/performer:

Click here to read Adam’s inspiring international story!


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